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There was a time when every rural household had a pig or two they were “fattening” for the winter. In just one generation, natural pig farming as a means of raising pigs for meat disappeared from rural America due to the industrialization of the hog business.

Hogs are now raised in mega hog houses by corporate farms. These hog breeders have selected their pigs based on their ability to grow fast in a most inhospitable environment. They are not selected for taste but for profitability and efficiency. The result is, pork no longer tastes like pork. It’s become dry as cardboard and pretty much tasteless, not to mention the effects of the antibiotics and other drugs they are fed daily just to keep them alive and growing.

If the idea of eating your own rare breed, free-range pork appeals to you and you would like to own your own pig, but do not have the time or space to properly care for it, we have the solution for you.  You can purchase a pig share (quarter, half or whole), where as you purchase one of (or part of) our pigs, we raise it in our pastures until time to butcher.

At the end you get to choose what you would like back from your pig and how you would like the meat butchered. It only takes 6-7 months before you have a freezer full of succulent, mouth-watering pork, with the added bonus of knowing exactly how and where it all came from.

Our pigs are raised in pastures which is more natural to them than being in a pen.  It is also healthier for them and tend to develop more meat than fat, giving you a greater return for your investment. They are allowed to forage, given fruits, vegetables and legumes from the garden and receive supplemental feed.

You can even share a pig with some friends and split the cost and the meat.

Advantages of the program

  • There is no capital outlay. Housing, fencing, water troughs etc. are all provided by us.
  • You can go on vacation without having to find a ‘Pig Sitter’!
  • You do not have to force yourself out of bed on a cold, dark morning with biting wind and driving rain in order to feed your hungry pig.
  • If you only want one pig it does not mean keeping it in isolation. Pigs are very social creatures and hate to be on their own.
  • There will be no unexpected vet’s bills, we take care of these.

In the unlikely event of your pig becoming unwell and dying, we will replace him/her with another pig of the same breed so your investment will be safeguarded.

Reserve your share:

Our pork is available by the “half” or “quarter” of an animal. When you buy a pork share, you will receive a mix of cuts from the pig including pork chops, ham, bacon, a few types of sausage, ground pork, ribs, shoulder, and ground pork.

When you buy meat by the “part animal”, pricing is a bit unusual. You will pay based on the “hanging weight” of the animal when it gets to the butcher, which is different from the final weight of pork cuts you will receive.  Price per pound of hanging weight is :

$5.25 (whole pig)             $5.75 (half pig share)                 $6 (quarter pig share).

About 65-75% of the hanging weight comes back from the butcher as cuts, so in the end, you will be paying somewhere around $8 – $9.25 per pound for your mix of cuts, which is a good value for pastured pork.

Price includes the cost of the pig, hiring G.F. Ranch as caretakers for the season to raise your pig and the basic butchering.  There will be extra options when your pig is butchered (cure fee, sausage options, peppered bacon, single wrap, etc) that will be offered at the processors fees.

Sample of what might be included in a “quarter” pork share:

  • 6 packs chops (avg. 1.5 -2lb / pack)
  • 1 ham (avg 4.5 lb.)
  • 1-2 ham steaks (1.5 lb.)
  • 1 ribs or roast (3-5 lb.)
  • 1 pork shoulder (4.5 lb.)
  • 3 lb. linked sausage (breakfast, sweet italian and/or hot italian)
  • 1 lb. Ground pork
  • 5-6 lb. Bacon

Example pricing:

A pig that weighs about 220 lb. when it gets to the butcher will end up yielding about 140 lb. of cuts, i.e. pork chops, hams, sausages, shoulder and ribs. 

Whole share

Hanging weight of whole pig = 220 lb.
Price you pay is hanging weight price: $5.25 x 220 lb. hanging weight = Approximate total price of $1155.00 for your pork share
Approximate actual yield of cuts = 140 lb, which means the average value of the cuts in your share would be about $8.25 / lb.

Half share

  • Hanging weight of half pig = 110 lb.
  • Price you pay is hanging weight price: $5.75 x 110 lb. hanging weight = Approximate total price of $632.50 for your “half” pork share
  • Approximate actual yield of cuts = 70 lb,  which means the average value of the cuts in your share would be about $9.04/ lb.

Quarter share

  • Hanging weight of quarter pig = 55 lb.
  • Price you pay is hanging weight price: $6 x 55 lb. = Approximate total price of $330 for your “quarter” pork share
  • Approximate actual yield of cuts = 35 lb.,  which means the average value of the cuts in your share would be about $9.43 / lb.

A $200 deposit is required for quarter and half shares/ $400 deposit for whole share.  Hanging weight will be determined by the butcher.

In order to help ease your burden of final payment, a 2nd payment is due no later than 2 weeks prior to butcher date of $100 for quarter share, $200 half share and $300 whole share.

Please read and complete a Pig Share Agreement and feel free to contact us.


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