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Pig Share Agreement

Contract Between G.F. Ranch and Member
Quarter Pig Share:  $6/Ib hanging weight              Qty____

Half Pig Share:    $5.75/Ib hanging weight                   Qty____

Whole Pig: share at $5.25/Ib hanging weight                             Qty____

*Hanging weight will be determined from the butcher. The balance is due within 1 week after the processing date.

Refund Policy

A minimum deposit of $200.00 is due for a quarter or half /$400 for whole pig.  The deposit will go toward your final total cost. Deposits are non-refundable.

Diet Policy

G.F. Ranch strives to provide a healthy, stress free, high quality of life for all animals on the ranch. Our pigs spend their lives out in the sun shine with a diverse diet including  hog feed, grass, milk, vegetables and food scraps, dairy products and more as available.

Live Pig Purchase Policy

I understand that I am purchasing a live pig (or portion of) and hiring G.F. Ranch as a caretaker for one season. I understand that G.F. Ranch does not sell processed pigs.

Caretaker Services Policy

I understand that caretaker services include  feeding, watering, and other tasks as necessary and do not include any slaughter or processing. I also understand that G.F. Ranch knows the most appropriate way to raise pigs. While I own my pig I may not dictate to G.F. Ranch how to manage the raising of the pig. Should I disagree with any policy or practice in the raising of my  pig, I am free to remove my pig  according to the terms set forth in the Live Pig Collection Policy.

Live Pig Collection Policy

I understand that I may collect my live whole pig for a flat fee of $400.00 cash whenever I wish (prior to slaughter) during the season with two weeks (fourteen days) prior notice. There will be only the $400.00 flat fee and no additional fees will be added. I also understand that I must provide my own transportation and facilities and that once my pig leaves the ranch, I release G.F. Ranch from all liability and responsibility for the pig.

Co-ownership Policy (Half & Quarter Pig Share Members Only)

Participating in the G.F. Ranch Quarter and Half Pig Share program, I agree to be paired with another Quarter/Half Pig Share Member of G.F. Ranch choosing. Further, I waive the right to remove my pig from the farm during the growing season since I cannot remove a partial pig.

Processing Policy

I agree that G.F. Ranch is not affiliated with any butcher or processing facility, licensed, inspected or otherwise. If I decide to have my pig processed at a facility of my choice I understand that I am responsible for the well-being and health of my pig as soon as it leaves the ranch as described in the Live Pig Collection Policy above. Otherwise, I understand that G.F. Ranch will transport my pig to a licensed facility of G.F. Ranch’s choice at no additional charge and if I take advantage of this offer I waive the right to choose the facility. I understand that G.F. Ranch does not guarantee final weights (live or hanging) for any pig. I agree that G.F. Ranch is not responsible for the health or safety of the meat provided by any licensed or inspected facility, that state licensing and inspection does not guarantee food safety or security and the best way to ensure both is full, personal knowledge about my food. I understand any cuts I want smoked, or seasoning for sausage will incur an additional charge at the processors rate.

2nd Payment Policy

A second payment is due no later than 2 weeks prior to butcher date.  Payment amounts are $100 (quarter share), $200 (half share), $300 (whole share).

If payment is not received, your pig will not be sent to the butcher.  You will have the options of collecting your pig under the ‘Live Pig Collection Policy’ or forfeiting your share and deposit.

Notices/bill for 2nd payment will be sent out approximately a month prior to butchering and will include your cut sheet.

Final Payment Policy

I agree that final full cash payment (total due minus deposit and 2nd payment) is due when I pick up my pig whether it is processed or collected early under the ‘Live Pig Collection Policy’. I understand that G.F. Ranch calculates final payment based on the hanging weight of my pig as weighed by the processor.

End of Season Collection Policy

G.F. Ranch will contact me near the end of the season. I will be provided with details about when my pig will be slaughtered and processed and when the meat will be available for pick up. I agree to pick up on the date specified, it may be only a couple days notice, or I forfeit my pig and all monies paid to G.F. Ranch. I agree should I choose to have my pig processed at a facility of my choice, to collect my live pig in accordance with the ‘Live Pig Collection Policy’ and submit full payment at time of pick-up. If I am unable to come to G.F. Ranch to pick up the processed pork, I can choose to have it delivered within 30 miles of the ranch for $25.00.

Replacement Policy

Should my pig suffer injury or death while in the care of G.F. Ranch, due to circumstances beyond the control of G.F. Ranch*, I will be offered a replacement pig as available and release G.F. Ranch from further liability and responsibility.

*Pigs raised by G.F. Ranch are heritage breed or heritage/cross and are not confined in factory style buildings. They are on open areas and may encounter predators and other threats beyond the control of G.F. Ranch.

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