G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision


This is what many mornings look like here….

We recently changed his days off to feed and he forgot this was his day off. He often brings Ruby up to the house. She sits on his lap while he does school, reads or watches a movie.  The first rabbits we got have never been very friendly. But this last batch we got are very friendly and entertaining. We kept two out of the batch to keep as breeders and the rest will feed our family. 

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High Five


Sometimes I just need a high five and pat on the back to tell me I’m doing good.

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Passing The Baton


I struggle with this concept often!  I want my son to be an independent learner!  And in some aspects he is and others he’s not.  And this school year, I feel like I need to be more involved than I have been previously.  Not because of him, although he has never liked to be an independent learner when it came to math.  Even with using CTC Math last year, many times he just couldn’t ‘get it’ until I explained it to him.  Even though in my opinion, I said nothing different than they already expressed in the multiple ways they explain it. Maybe it’s just a connection we have that makes him ‘get it’.  But I won’t always be here, so he needs to learn for himself.

Will need to ask the Holy Spirit to teach me ways to pass the baton.

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Strong Bonds


Why do we get focused on the destination so much that we don’t enjoy the journey?  We are in our 4th year of homeschooling and I’m not sure if I actually ever looked at it as a destination.  I pray I can change my focus this year to enjoying the journey than just merely surviving it.

I never homeschooled my First Born. It honestly was never an option, not was it something God called me to do.  First Born is above average intelligence and I always felt, especially in high school, that he was gravely cheated from a good education.  Class standards had been lowered and the pace slowed down that he was rarely challenged.  I believe it was his Junior year that he was teaching the math class for the substitute teacher.

I try not to let myself focus on that though because 1) it’s the past and we can’t change it now. 2) God’s got this!!!  He was plans for First Born and apparently he didn’t need a super intense high school education for it.

Let’s focus on the bonds and relationships with our children!!!


Inner Exercise


Wow, this just fell on me like a ton of bricks.  It is one that hit me from both my view as well as towards Bug.  Homeschooling isn’t easy, at least not for us.  Nor is it super hard (not most days at least)! Not only do I need to allow the difficult days to strengthen me, I need to let Bug deal with his difficult times.

As a mom, we want to protect our children.  Not that we necessarily look to coddle them, sometimes that is what we end up doing when we don’t let them work through their own difficulties and adversity.  We cheat our children those opportunities to grow and mature.  When making a decision for your child, do NOT just think about the now, but think about how it will affect them in the long run.


Perfection Not Necessary


Did you need this reminder today?  I sure did! Why don’t we just take a moment and pray….

Dear Father,

Thank you for the honor to raise these children you gifted us with!  They are Yours and we are only stewards of them.  I thank you that You are greater than my biggest shortcomings and that You fill the gaps I can not. Holy Spirit, help me to teach him (her) all things good!



Wish I Drank!

No, I really don’t because I quit smoking a couple of months ago, still not super strong and I know a drink would make an immediate craving for a cigarette. No thank you!  But yesterday was NOT a great school day.  Any day that calls for a back pack (Bug) and book bag (teacher) usually means it will not be smooth sailing.  That part of it was not his fault.

Hubby had to head back to the rig today.  And I had to make up my dr. appointment today that I missed because I forgot to grab the paperwork (and school bag); so when we got to the office, there was only time for Hubby’s appointment.

We managed to get spelling done today.  We worked on it numerous times in between waiting for the nurse to call me back, then for the N.P. to come in, then while waiting for blood work and finally finishing at home.  Bug was already getting frustrated because ‘he kept misspelling the same words’.  He definitely didn’t like when I made a comment that I didn’t want to listen to him whine about it since he never bothered to spend a few minutes reviewing the ones he got wrong.

Then we went on to Algebra.  That could have been the worst decision!!!! The first five lessons were much easier than we counted on but yesterdays lesson sucker punched us!  It tried teaching about 4 -6 things about roots and radicals, while doing a very poor job explaining some of it.  Thankfully we always have other math books on hand that we can look for further explanation.  That and will have to Skype with First Born very soon!

I had an extremely sobering thought last night.  I was only 2 years older than Bug when I took Algebra in school.  That can be taken two ways….1)  I had 2 more years of math and maturity under my belt than he has and 2) that was 30 years ago!!!!!! Three decades!!!  My teacher had a rule, if we were sleeping, talking or not paying attention for any reason, if he called on us and we could answer the question, we would not get in trouble.  I was always doing one of the above, but always able to just look at the problem and spit out the answer. I would have to pay attention in class now.

I think he went brain-dead for a bit which didn’t help things that were only compounded on with other things like fining food wrappers in his dresser drawers that just had stuff stuffed into them.  The lack of order pushed to the edge and the food wrappers pushed me over!!!

We had to take a break!  Bug ended up napping for a couple of hours and I watched some crafting videos. We went back over the same classroom problems we did yesterday and we are about in the same place.  We understand about 60% and only kind of or not-at-all understand the other 40%.  But we both remained calm and joyful.

I also came up with a way to show him the frustration I feel when I am still, after 3 or 4 years repeating the same things and continue to get a ‘ooops, sorry”. I (lightly) punched him in the shoulder. Then I told him to imagine that I was to punch him four times as hard as that each time and when you correct me, I say ‘sorry’.  I would wait a few minutes in between each time and always say ‘sorry’ every time I punched him.  He would even offer his other shoulder when it was time, but I told him it had to be the other shoulder.  After the 5th time of repeating the actions I asked him, “at what point will you question or stop believing I’m sorry?”  He replied after the 3rd.  continuing to make my point, I clarified, “after the 3rd time?  Or after the 3rd week?  3rd month?  Year?”  You could see the lightbulb shine bright as he shook his head and said “I get it now Mom”.

Anyways, I just needed to share my frustrations.  Some have told me I get to serious or uptight about homeschooling.  I don’t disagree when there is a tremendous responsibility on my shoulders to provide my son with a good education.  And how am I suppose to teach my son something if I can’t understand it?

Well, thank you for letting me vent.  If you have any encouragement to share, it would be GREATLY appreciated!


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Don’t Be Shaken


This speaks to me!  I know God called me to it, but I allow myself to get shaken, stirred and frazzled.  I need to keep my eyes on the Lord!

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Hit or Miss

Yesterday I hit the floor running when I woke up yesterday…straight out to the garage.  I wanted to make some type of tray for the homeschool bookcase to use for organizing school work that needs to be  graded.  I had a few ideas of ways to put them together and I went for a simple design.  Would you be surprised to hear that I don’t have pictures of the building process?  If you have been following for more than a week or two you won’t be.  I’m a do’er, just want to get it done.  So my head doesn’t process taking pictures at the start or in the middle.

I can’t tell you the number of the projects we have done on the ranch that I have kicked myself in the butt for not taking before pictures.  And about the only time there will be progress pictures is when it’s a big build or project. Honestly, that’s more for our motivation than anything.

I will start with a couple of pictures to give you a visual of the process.

I used 1×4’s, although your imagination is the limit of what you can use to make a simple tray.  I used 3 slats for the bottom of the tray.  I did use my Kreg Jig to connect them with pocket holes.  I wasn’t sure if this would end up being a piece that would be moved between the bookcase and table often or not.  I wanted to make sure it held up long term.  I don’t build for temporary.

I then cute two more boards the same length as the three for the bottom. I had originally planned on making them 18″ in length, but modified it to 17 5/8″ to be able to get 2 cuts per scrap piece I was using up.  I then measured what I needed for the 2 smaller pieces and cut them.  I put those four pieces together using wood glue and one of our air compressor tools.  Haha!  I don’t always know the name of the tools or what the actual purpose for that tool is, but I am having fun learning.  I don’t know for sure if it was the brad gun or finishing nail one.


Then I laid the bottom piece on the frame I made.  Let me insert here that Hubby wasn’t home, so I have no idea if this was the right or even easy way of doing this. I drilled pilot holes about 1 – 1 1/2″ of both sides of all four corners and used 1 1/4″ wood screws. I figured  it didn’t matter if the bottom was pretty, but I wanted to make sure it held up.  I then filled in the rest of the area with the air compressor tool we just spoke about.  I did forget to use wood glue but wasn’t too worried as I used screws since I didn’t think brad or finishing nails would give long term strength.

At this point I used some techniques I remembered Hubby telling me he had used to distress wood in the past.  The chain that fell off my bike was sitting on the drill press so I used that, along with a hammer or too, fencing tool and a screwdriver to bang up the wood a bit. Then gave it a light sanding and used my Weathered Gray stain.  After letting it sit a while, I wiped some away.  Once it was dry, I did just a very light sanding on it and applied some handles I picked up at a yard sale this summer.


I really like the way it came out, but I don’t think it’s going to stay on the bookcase we built for homeschooling.  I’ve already moved it down a shelf.  Just not sure it’s going to work for what I had in mind.  No surprise there because I really don’t know what I’m doing.  I can look at things and tell you if I like them or not, but as far as decorating…I need my GGBFF!!!  That stands for God-given Best Friend Forever.

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When I get an idea in my head, it is everyones best interest for me to get it done as soon as possible.  In my last post, Putting It In Order, I mentioned my plan on repurposing and decorating some cans to use for organization. Well, I got 3 of them done.  I painted a couple more cans and will decorate them as well, but most likely will use them in the craft room.


There are no rules to doing this.  Honestly, your imagination is your limit.  You can search Pinterest or the web for tons of ideas.  Decoupage, fabric, paint, scrapbook paper….anything you can dream of.  I chose to paint mine and then use burlap, twine, ribbon and a homemade fabric flower to decorate mine.


It will be a process to redecorate the house, but I know I want to go with a Shanty Farmhouse style, so that is what I was going for with the cans.