G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision


G.F. Ranch was established July 30, 2014.  We already had visions of it well before that.  Our desire is to follow Father God’s heart and vision.  Farming and raising animals, learning new trades and talents, getting back to basics and foster care.  This blog is to share the process with you.  Although I am a horrible blogger, hope to keep you informed, or at the very least, entertained.

I should make some introductions….




This is Hubby!  He is an amazing husband, father and Kingdom warrior!  He is handsome, intelligent, patient, hard working and all around great man!







And I’m Momma!  (Or Mum to First Born and daughter-in-love).  Wish I could say so many wonderful things about myself.  I am God’s beautiful mess! I keep things interesting around here!





This was from our oldest son’s wedding.  I guess I was excited.  Reminds me of a scene from a movie.  Um, you know that movie from like the 80’s with Julia something in it?  I’m horrible with names, lol.






This is Bug.  Had a very difficult tim
e picking out a picture that really captures the essence of him.  He is a multi-faceted small human.  He is my beautiful mess!!!





This is our First born and our daughter-in-love! It is so exciting to watch them grow and make their own family.  But it saddens Momma’s heart (Mum to him) that her little boy doesn’t need her anymore.



And this PRECIOUS bundle of joy is our SweetPea!!!! She was mere minutes old in this picture.  People can tell you what it’s like to be a grandparent, but honestly….NOTHING prepares you for it until it happens!!!!

I just wanted to share a more recent picture of my SweetPea…


She was about 13 months in this picture and visiting her family in Mississippi.  And to think we have a 2nd grand daughter due in October!!!!  I LOVE being a Grammie!









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