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Farm Sadness

on November 11, 2016


We have heavy hearts today as we found one of our dogs dead today.  Faith, our youngest who just turned one not too long ago.  She was one of our two barn dogs. I couldn’t tell what caused it, which saddened me.  But it did give my son and & I an opportunity to talk about grief.  Bug was only 5 when my Momma passed away.  He loved his Grammie very much, but some children don’t cry a lot at loss at very young ages.  Not like we tend to do as adults and I believe it has to do with their innocence. .
But he reacts different now that he’s older. I remember the first roosters we butchered. He cried and honestly, I did to a bit on the first one. Taking a life, even of an animal for food, should not be easy.  He bagan to cry on the second rooster but I told him to stop.  You probably just had one of two thoughts…1) I’m insensitive or 2) you understood why I made him stop. No, we don’t believe it’s wrong for boys to cry. But we can’t let our emotions rule us.  I explained to him it is sad, and we should never become numb to feeling something even when butchering animals.  But there is a purpose to it and we have a job to do.



3 responses to “Farm Sadness

  1. Camie says:

    I’m sorry for the loss of Faith. Losing a pet is hard. They are part of our family. I have a daughter who is more sensitive than my other kids about the loss of any animal. She loves all animals.


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