G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision

Morning Chores

on October 4, 2016

Most mornings it is Bug’s responsibility to feed the animals, but I give him two mornings off. Many times we help each other in the evenings.  Today was one of my days and then had to go back up to the house to turn on the water. I enjoyed filling the waters today and talking to the animals.  Yes, I talk to my animals and some of them talk to me. 

We need to come up with a better watering system for the red wattles. They constantly knock their water over or play in it. It was so adorable to watch them drink from the hose and also stick their head into the big green bucket and hear them blow bubbles.  Water is precious here in West Texas, so we need to conserve it. (Yes, it is precious everywhere). When we put them in their permanent area and build the new shelter, we will add a gutter and some rain barrels to use for their mud hole that they enjoy so much.  But their is a need for a better system for their drinking water. It’s hard to keep them with clean water as they stick their muddy heads deep into their buckets.

For the pot belly pigs they have a large drinking water bowl as well as a large feed mixing bowl that they use as a pool.  It’s to cute to watch them in it. They’ve been helping us by rooting up the baling twine where the previous owners kept the hay for their cattle and would just put the next bale on top without picking up the twine. So we have to go and cut it out often so the pigs don’t get hurt.  Talk about team work!!!

It’s always nice when we get rain because we put gutters up on the front of the barn with a spill off going to a rain barrel and another going directly into the horse trough. Nothing puts it into prospective how much rain comes from the sky until you see how quickly a 55 gallon barrel can fill up.  But today I had to fill the trough and enjoyed watching Lilly & Gypsy (horses) and Joey (cow) take their naps. Joey did lift his head when I called him;followed by a look that said ‘I’m not getting up).  

It’s a beautiful day today! The wind is blowing, but not too hard (we get some seriously strong winds here).  The temperature is perfect and sun is enjoyable! I just wanted to share a couple pictures from two years ago. This time of year we get gorgeous sunsets! Wish I could have taken a picture of last nights sky as we were feeding animas when we got home.

Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the beauty around you when doing your chores!


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