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Strong Bonds

on September 26, 2016


Why do we get focused on the destination so much that we don’t enjoy the journey?  We are in our 4th year of homeschooling and I’m not sure if I actually ever looked at it as a destination.  I pray I can change my focus this year to enjoying the journey than just merely surviving it.

I never homeschooled my First Born. It honestly was never an option, not was it something God called me to do.  First Born is above average intelligence and I always felt, especially in high school, that he was gravely cheated from a good education.  Class standards had been lowered and the pace slowed down that he was rarely challenged.  I believe it was his Junior year that he was teaching the math class for the substitute teacher.

I try not to let myself focus on that though because 1) it’s the past and we can’t change it now. 2) God’s got this!!!  He was plans for First Born and apparently he didn’t need a super intense high school education for it.

Let’s focus on the bonds and relationships with our children!!!


2 responses to “Strong Bonds

  1. Camie says:

    My oldest wasn’t homeschooled either. He teases me about that sometimes. I remember in elementary when his teacher told us our son had read everything his level in the library (which wasn’t much) and there was nothing left to challenge him. He was reading at a college level. Still he made it through a mediocre public education and he turned out pretty great in spite of it!


    • romerfamily says:

      My oldest has never picked about it. If anything, I think it’s the enemy who makes me feel guilty about it. And yes, my son did well even with a mediocre public education. God makes sure they have what they need for them to carry out His plans. And for us too!!!

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