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Oink Oink

on September 23, 2016

I know I have been a bit quiet this week, but Bug and I have been B-U-S-Y busy!  Starting Sunday afternoon, we ripped a bunch of boards to make our 2×4’s.  I then went shopping for more supplies while he was at Youth at church.  We worked super hard Monday and Tuesday; while finishing up Wednesday morning before we went to pick up the pigs.

We managed to get a few pictures of progress along the way.  First I had to clear the area where we wanted to put the pig pen because it was full of sticker and cocker burrs.


We really need to find a way to get rid of those!  All I can say is I AM SO GRATEFUL for our tractor and shredder that we got at the beginning of the summer.


Cleared that up….and then changed my mind!  I left Hubby a message after hours telling him that I thought it would be better to put the pigs where I want to put the spring garden.  Pigs are great at turning the dirt and eating up the roots.  In the morning Hubby messaged me to say that was a good idea.  Because either location is just a temporary area.

The two parts of the build that gave me the hardest time was the notches on the ends of the 4×4’s for the base and the bottom notches for the rafters (because I altered the dimensions).  I made alterations to this plan HERE.


I made ours 8′ wide and 6′ deep and changed up the front.  I almost made it 4′ deep and very glad I didn’t.  I was trying to watch what I was spending to build it, but at the same time it had to be built well and hold up to the winds we get here.

As you can see, there are still 2 areas on the sides that still need to be closed up.  We had run out of time and also Hubby said it wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave them open until it cools down.

Robotics season just kicked off and it’s a short 6-week competition, so we lost some build time for practice as well.  But Wednesday we went to get the pigs.  They are red wattle and super sweet & friendly!  The man we got them from was very nice as well.  He was very helpful and had a giving heart.  He also gave us 7 hog panels, 11 or 12 t-post, their water bowl and some snacks for them.  Meet Boss & Lulu….


When we got home and got the panels out from the top of the trailer, we put water in their bowl.  They took a couple drinks and then they just laid in their bowl.  Do you see that smile on Boss’s face?  How stinking cute is that!!!!!

For 2 years I have wanted a big named Lulu.  I have no idea why, but I decided this being the first female pig she would be my Lulu.  Then my friend M suggested I named the male Boss.  She must have seen the gears working because she finally said Boss Hog….ohhhhh!  I get it, Dukes of Hazzard!  Must have been being in the heat for days, lol.

On pig farms, female pigs used solely for butchering are called gilts or butcher hogs. They will be butchered at 10 to 14 months of age. They will weigh from 195 to 300 pounds at slaughter.
Female pigs that will be used for breeding and expanding the pig farm are known as sows. They weigh from 300 to 700 pounds.
Male pigs are called barrows. Those used solely for meat are also called butcher hogs.

We want baby piglets!!!  So butchering will be put off for a little.  The Red Wattle pigs are very friendly.  Lulu is about 6 months old and Boss is about 7 months.  And they could very easily be pushing 250 lbs already.  This breed can get upwards of 700+ lbs.

Bug makes sure they have a mud pool to cool down in and it’s cute to watch them play in their mud puddle.  I had a video to post of them playing, but sadly I don’t have a premium blog plan and they won’t let me put it on here.

Yesterday was a L-A-Z-Y day!  We were wiped and just needed some down time.  Bug went with my friend M and her kids to town.  I did much of nothing (okay, I admit it, I crafted!) until time to pick Bug up and take him to robotics.

So today was clean up day in the barn.  Had to put all the tools away as well as clean up all the animal areas.  Next week we will get back to ‘formal’ school.  This week was hands-on, real-life learning.




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