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All Over The Place

on September 18, 2016

We have to leave in 12 minutes, but I thought I might have time for a quick post.  Bug and I had lunch when we got home from church, then I blogged, prepped a sign I’m working on. Want a sneak peek?


It has taken me almost five days to put the wood together to painting.  Just been hectic lately.


Tuesday we go to pick up our red wattle pigs, so I drew up a plan (adapted from other plans I’ve seen) of how I want to build my shelter.  Bug and I ripped wood today from some 2×8’s we had to make 2×4’s.  I didn’t have enough screws, so that’s as far as we got today.  I will go shopping while he is at youth tonight.  Need some 4×4’s and plywood too.  We sure hope to make Hubby proud of us on this endeavor!


We were blessed to buy a whole bunch of wood at a great price


Bug is too funny, loves to pose for the camera.  Mr. Super cool!

Anyways, time to run, out of time already.


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