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I’m Dreaming of a Fresh Thanksgiving 

on September 17, 2016

So earlier this year Bug and I stopped at the feed store that carries chicks and we usually go and look at them. Well, they had turkey chicks. I asked the woman when we should get them for Thanksgiving and she said ‘now’. Ohhhhh. 

I proceeded to call Hubby, who was out on the rig. I don’t think I caught him at the best of times so he wasn’t very warm and fuzzy about the idea.  

“We have no place to put them” he said. Actually, they can go in with the chickens. Even though I told him we would absolutely respect his answer of yes or no, I think he knew we really wanted one. And by one, I of course mean at least 2. I don’t like our animals to be lonely. 

He did say yes and Bug named them Apple Pie & Dumpling Sauce. It’s so cute the way he says their names. 

Needless to say they have grown quite a bit. Hubby thinks they will be ready to butcher next month when he gets home. 

We think they might both be females, but honestly we really don’t know. Not sure if it really makes a difference except that males tend to get bigger. 

I have had fresh, farm raised chicken and there is a huge difference in taste. So I am very excited to taste one of these for Thanksgiving. 

Sadly, hubby won’t be home for Thanksgiving this year. I have invites some family up but not sure if they will make it. If they don’t, I’m not making a turkey. And in my whole life if I have turkey for Thanksgiving, I REFUSE to have it for Christmas. Honestly doesn’t matter if I had it for Thanksgiving or not, I’ve never had it for Christmas. I just refuse! But I promised Hubby turkey (and ham) for Christmas since he will be home. I just love & respect him that much!

And that is our sweet Grace who adopted us. She had 4 legs when she found us and a few weeks later she got caught in a trap. That was such an emotional and horrible night!! But she was our gift from God and had to save her! 


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