G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision

Very Verde

on September 11, 2016

We live in West Texas which is not synonymous with green.  We moved here at the end of a decade long drought.  When we lived in South Mississippi, 63″ of rain was our annual average and was looking forward to the average of 24″ here.  Last year we received 40″ (which our church was among many to be praying for as it was out of the norm) and included all the rain that literally flooded my first attempt at a garden.  When I say flooded, I mean completely under water and also had a small river running from the garden near the house clear down to and through the barn.  This year has not been quite as wet, but we did have a few times with heavy amounts of rain that did flood many areas you heard about throughout the State of Texas.


See that blurry building?  That’s our barn.  It’s made from multi colors of metal and I love that.  Have had a couple of people ask me if we planned on painting it. Nope!  I love that it’s unique! Do you see how green everything looks?  It’s normally more shades of brown than green. Here’s a close-up of the pretty purple flowers.  They may be more of a weed, but I enjoy their color no less.


I took these on the way home from going a couple of towns over to get diesel for the tractor. We have to go about 13 miles to get gas and about 25 to get diesel.  Country living!  Love it!

So I have some exciting news!!!!  I finally got Hubby to set up his account so he can log onto our blog and hopefully write a post from time to time.  He is a very gifted writer! He did it right before my son asked him to take him to church for youth and Hubby asked, “what can I do while waiting for him?” I didn’t hesitate to respond, “write a blog post!”  I crack myself up!



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