G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision


on September 8, 2016

When I get an idea in my head, it is everyones best interest for me to get it done as soon as possible.  In my last post, Putting It In Order, I mentioned my plan on repurposing and decorating some cans to use for organization. Well, I got 3 of them done.  I painted a couple more cans and will decorate them as well, but most likely will use them in the craft room.


There are no rules to doing this.  Honestly, your imagination is your limit.  You can search Pinterest or the web for tons of ideas.  Decoupage, fabric, paint, scrapbook paper….anything you can dream of.  I chose to paint mine and then use burlap, twine, ribbon and a homemade fabric flower to decorate mine.


It will be a process to redecorate the house, but I know I want to go with a Shanty Farmhouse style, so that is what I was going for with the cans.



5 responses to “Upcycled

  1. barefeetnblonde says:

    Yay! Love this idea thank you!


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