G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision


on September 6, 2016

You know those evenings when things don’t go even close to what you had planned?  That was our night.  We are working on extending the pig pen area so Hubby was using the chain saw to take down an overgrown mesquite that was handing down low over part of the new pen area.  So I decided to bring the truck down so we could through the limbs over the fence and into the bed of the truck.  This way we would only have to make one or two loads with truck, rather than 186 trips with the wheelbarrow.

Well, Momma has bad aim already and mix that with a breeze and a light branch…yep, a recipe for disaster.  I knew it hit him and was pretty sure it hurt, but at the same time Bug can me a bit melodramatic too.  He turned and yelled at me, “You impaled me!”  We were separated by 2 sections of fencing but from what I saw, or rather didn’t see, I was quite confident I did not impale my child.

I quickly hurried around the corral and got to him and that is where I saw what appeared to be a small chunk stuck in his head.  If it would have been located elsewhere, we probably would have pulled it out and cleaned it up ourselves.  But being the head…we decided to take him to the ER.

Laughter is usually the best medicine for him when he is hurt or angry.  I guess it goes for most people.  I tried lightening the situation by telling him I was impressed with his vocabulary choice of ‘impaled’.

Last time I had taken him to the ER they rushed him in the back before we even finished the paperwork.  But he had also gotten knee’d in the face by a horse and his cheek was swollen about 20x’s the normal size.  This visit however, there was no rushing.  The dr looked at it while we were in triage and did not seem too concerned.

When it was finally his turn, she came in and pulled it out after she put a little medicine on the area to numb it.  Bug said she didn’t even give the medicine time to start working.  I was very proud of him for keeping his composure for the majority of the time.

We thought it was a very small piece (we could only see the top knob part), so we were surprised to see the full size of the piece she pulled from his head.  It appears to be a thorn from a mesquite.  I told him due to the size, he could continue to say I impaled him.

I want to thank our friends and family who prayed for him and Hubby & I.  As parents, we weren’t particularly scared or nervous because we knew God had perfect control of the situation.  I would like to say we always respond like that as parents, but it would not be the truth.  So we know the prayers helped with that.  And Bug always says the prayers help with his pain.  As a mom, I hate to see my children hurt, but am so grateful for those faith-building moments!



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