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1st ‘Official’ Day of School

on September 5, 2016

We technically had done some school since the school year started for the majority.  My friend M even started her kids home school last week.  Better late than never, right!  I’m such an awesome mom that I start on a holiday none the less.  Points scored!  Our family doesn’t ‘celebrate’ most holidays and the ones we do often aren’t celebrated on the normal day.

The good news is WE SURVIVED!  No tears, no blood, minimal frustration (on both sides) and neither of us ran away!  I would call that a good day. I don’t even quite remember what subject he began with, but thinking it was history.  The whole family got a late start this morning (which is okay because technically it’s a holiday) and no school work had been completed by 11 am.

He came to get me so we could go over the Algebra lesson together.  We were both pleasantly surprised and pleased the work itself was very easy.  Bug has a habit of speaking over me and that tended to lead to Momma’s frustration.  And Momma set the standard that 3rd grade handwriting will not be acceptable and raised the standard, leading to Bug’s frustration.

Then Bug completed Science and Bible while Hubby & I worked on some things in the garage.  One of those things is building a short bookcase for a funky wall in the dining room to keep our home school stuff on.  Most likely, some cookbooks will also go on there.

Wow, I just got cyber lost for the past 15 minutes and pinned at least 10 more things to Pinterest just in that time.  I really need a personal assistant that can keep me reeled in…and do the tasks that I don’t care to do.  I went to look for the pictures of the shelf I’m building.  Now mind you, this shelf was originally inspired from a piece at Restoration Hardware that ran about $1675 plus shipping.  Let me think about that….NOPE! Heck, I’m so cheap that I flipped out about paying $26 a piece for the perfect castors to use on the bookcase.

So Ana White came up with this version at a fraction of the price!


But then I found that Cherished Bliss had an adaptation of Ana’s plans that was closer to what I was looking for.


Of course, we had to adapt the measurements even more to fit the space we are going to place it.  That’s part of the beauty of building it ourselves though. It will be a couple of days before I’m finished and that’s okay as long as I have it finished by Sunday.  That is my goal.

Looking at the above picture, I have to admit….I do not get the whole number thing with the farmhouse style?!?! I would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain it for me!

But back to Bug & school…. he finished his day by scheduling the rest of his week for classes.  I tend to schedule only 3 or 4 days work per core subject even though we tend to do school 5 days a week.

May this be the BEST YEAR yet!!!



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