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Not Colonel Sanders

on August 21, 2016

Even though he was a charming & cheerful looking man and he brought us some good fried chicken, he’s not who I am referring to when I speak of sanders.  Did you know he lived to 90 years old?  What I am talking about is the tool.  We already have numerous sanders and they are all handy, but I found another one that would be quite useful in my arsenal.  It’s the ONE+ 18-Volt Corner Cat Finish Sander.  It has an orbital action that provides a smooth finish without producing unwanted marks on your material and the V tip helps get in the corners.


Actually, While I think of it, I need to check our Ryobi tool bag.  I wonder if one of these came with the set we bought many moons ago.  I’ll have to break that puppy out! If not, it’s going on my Christmas list.  I did a search on the Lowe’s site and they don’t carry it, but it is available at Home Depot.  We don’t shop there much; just our personal preference.  I would place a link, but for some reason, for the past few days the blog keeps freezing when I try to post a link.  It has taken 15 minutes or more to post some of the links, but I just don’t feel like dealing with the aggravation.

Speaking of Aggravation, it was one of my favorite games growing up.  The board we had looked like the one below and it is the 1972 design.  Which is really cool because that’s the year I was born.








Now of course I am thinking of my Momma. One, because I played the game a lot with her and this is often how our conversations went.  Starting to talk about one thing, then going on to another and another and another and another.  After an hour or so we would wonder how we got from subject A to subject Z.  Then we would back track all the subjects to figure out how we got there.  My parents are in Heaven, Dad since 2003 and Momma since 2009.  I miss them dearly! (tears welling up in my eyes)  But I am so grateful to know beyond a shadow of a doubt where they are!

But back to sanders…. there are reasons to have numerous types of sanders.  They have different purposes and different sizes.  And last night was a great example.  I was using 3 different grits while sanding some wood.  I was using a 60 or 80 grit sheet by hand to sand the cut edges that were very rough. Then I had a large sander with about a 150 grit and my smaller palm sander with 220 grit.

I am not a hard person to shop for (unless we are talking about pillows.  I have yet to find the perfect one and it’s probably the one thing I complain about the most!).  Crafts, tools, wood or spa certificates make me extremely happy!  First Born texted me the other day and said he found the perfect Christmas gift.  I asked if it was a craft store. Sadly he said no, LOL. But I told him I know he has good taste in gifts so I’m sure I’ll like whatever it is. He really has been blessed with good taste in gifts from an early age.

Now it will make it convenient for Hubby and the kids to pick my gifts by keeping my shopping list on here.





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