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Exploring Stains

on August 19, 2016

You know those blogs you read that are reviewing a product because said product was given to them to review, even though all opinions are their own?  This is ,sadly, NOT one of them.  I am in no way affiliated or compensated by anyone.  I have purchased all products with my own money.  I would love to test products out though, so feel free to send the companies my way.  And no matter the circumstances, my opinions are always my own.  That’s just who I am…opinionated!I will start with a warning that there aren’t any pictures in this post, at least pertaining to the staining I am doing but hoping to add some tomorrow so you can actually see what I’m talking about.  It really is a post that deserves pictures.  I think that’s another blog rule, you must have pictures in each post. Honestly I don’t take a lot of pictures.  Especially when I’m crafting! I’m a ‘let’s get ‘er done’ kinda gal.


I am working on these picture displays I found at Shanty 2 Chic (shocker!).  I have seen them before on another site and they have been on the back burner in my brain.  I knew I could make the wire pieces with some wire.  Not knowing how pretty I could make them was a daunting thought, therefore I haven’t done them yet.  But the gals at S2C (my new knock name for them) had an amazing solution! Fancy ornament hooks and just straighten out the hook end.  Eureka!!!


Of course, looking at the picture now, they only placed 4 hooks on each.  I am working on 6 right now and put four on one and five on the rest.  It will be fine.

These are so easy to make! They are 12″ long 2×6’s. I sanded them after cutting, drilled holes in the top using the next to smallest drill bit.  I tested the wire after drilling my first hole & it fit beautifully.  Then I stained them.

I am a sample paint-a-holic!  For a while, I couldn’t go to Lowe’s without buying at least one, or come up with some crazy excuse why I was buying 6.  And we go to Lowe’s A LOT!  I also tend to buy the small cans of stain.  I can give you three reasons why: 1) Cost effectiveness.  When you are trying to build up a variety of colors and shades, you don’t want to break the bank. 2) Try it before you buy it. Okay, not exactly, because you’re still buying it, but it gives you the opportunity to try the brand/color before you invest greater money in a larger size.  I will touch on this more in a bit. 3) Space.  We have limited space in our garage and most areas in the house so it is much easier to store smaller cans without sacrificing variety.

I had planned on using 6 stains for the 6 displays, but I ended up only using 5.  The first 3 are by Rustoleum and included Antique White, Weathered Gray and Kone.  I just picked these up at Walmart today because I couldn’t find them at Lowe’s.  I also used some Minwax stains in Pickled Oak, Gunstock and Red Chestnut.  Let me start by saying I am no expert in stain!  When I was opening the first can I was thinking to myself am I suppose to stir or shake? I went with stir because I didn’t want to look for my glasses to be able to read the print (feeling bad for laughing at my parents for them needing me to read things for them) and Bug was soaking in the bath so he was unavailable.  Speaking of Bug, he just turned 12 last week!  He is in his last pre-teen (he HATES the term tween) year.

So as I share my experiences with these stains, please note it very well could be user error! We will start with Rustoleum.

  1.  Antique White – I really do think this was user error because when I went to put on the 3rd coat, I decided to shake the can rather than stir and there was much better color coverage.  I’m thinking I would tend to use this one more as a white-wash over a paint.
  2. Weathered Gray – Really pretty color.  Good coverage with one coat, however I wanted it a bit darker, so put a sec on coat.  I could picture getting this one in a quart size.
  3. Kona – Oh so beautiful.  Nice deep, rich color. See a quart in the future.

Let me interrupt and talk about gloves for a moment.  You definitely want to wear some.  I was using the T-shirt rub method to apply stain and gloves are a definite for that technique but you also need them when using a brush and wiping away.  I have a small box of poly gloves, but they’re so baggy.  But I didn’t feel like going down to the barn to get my latex gloves.  If you don’t want to invest in a whole box of vinyl gloves, most local feed stores sell the individually.  After I applied the Kona, I had to change my gloves because the next color was so much lighter than the dark Kona.  So if you are cheap conservative like me and are working with numerous stain colors, work lightest to darkest.

With the Minwax:

  1. Pickled Oak – I did not use.  When I began to apply it, I didn’t see any color and didn’t want to bother with it.  This is most likely user error (shake vs. stir), even though it is a very light shade anyways.  I’m not giving up on it yet.  I will give it another try and shake it first.
  2. Gunstock – Ooooh la la!  I liked it so much I used it on 2 boards.  Such a pretty color!  And it has gun is the name, lol.
  3. Red Chestnut – Another pretty color, didn’t wow me as much as Gunstock, but very pretty.

Both brands were very easy to work with and fumes were the same (please don’t tell Hubby I was doing it at the dining room table).  I would say the Rustoleum brand had a little better coverage.

That’s where I am at this point.  I have a bunch of ornament holders to straighten out.  And I’m also still trying to decided to print on solid card stock (unfortunately I don’t think I have any cream) or designer card stock.  I have time to think about it.

I will bid you ado this evening!



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