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Crunch Time

So happy Hubby comes home today!!!  Although his flight from Miami to Dallas has already been delayed and that could possibly delay him coming home, but at least he is coming home! So Bug & myself have spent much of yesterday and today cleaning.  I just got a text from Hubby he is finally boarding the plane, that was supposed to depart an hour ago. Better late than never!

Yesterday I had to take care of 3 loads of laundry that had been sitting in the clothes basket.  I would put a load back in the dryer to get the wrinkles out and fold and put away.  I tried to ignore the wasteful thoughts (as wasting electricity by running it in the dryer again) and just focus on getting it taken care of.

I like the house to be in good order when Hubby gets home. I know he needs a few days to decompress  and I want him to be able to relax.  It’s hard when your spouse is gone for long periods of time.  On them and on the family still at home.  It’s like everyone has to live 2 totally different lives and the first few days of being back together can be difficult.  For example, Hubby just finished working 5 straight weeks.  7 days a week, 12-14 hour days.  He needs to decompress and rest: physically and mentally.  Whereas we are excited to share with him happenings and be a family again.  Sometimes it’s hard to hold off a couple of days.  We’ve already waited 37 days.

There are some time periods when it’s worse than others.  And sometimes by trying to not focus on the negative, I instead to tend to.  And that can lead to bitterness, emptiness and hopelessness.  When I get to that place, I know I am not in a good place with God because Jesus IS hope, in all times!  Thankfully I’m not there at this time.  But I was there not to long ago.

When on the phone with Hubby when he called from Miami, I told him I want to show him dining room table plans.  It did my heart good to hear him reply in an agreeing tone.  I want a farmhouse style table made from real wood.  Made by us!  I LOVE building things with my Hubby!  (Just the thought of it invokes romantic feelings…real warm & fuzzy!)

So these are the tables I have it narrowed down to and will let Hubby pick which one.  And I love the ideas of benches! Although I’m sure Hubby will still want chairs at the ends.  I’m okay with that too.  What I haven’t told him is all the other furniture I want us to build.  Hehehe!  Although it will take time, so one piece at a time.  With the focus being in the living room/dining room area to start with.  And the walls need to be painted, as well as the fireplace.  I’ve said that a million times already and Hubby just nods.  But I think I finally found the style I want in the house.  Definitely farmhouse.  So S2C was the perfect site to find.  By the way, all of these table plans I found there!

Well, I need to clean up the garage still.  Bug & I have had a very productive day, but it’s not over.  I’m letting him take a break.  He has a new love for watching I Love Lucy!  He is finding the older shows, even if in B&W are, as he says, HILARIOUS!!!


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So In Love

There are so many other things I should be doing right now (like cleaning…but at least I have a pot of water on for dinner), but I couldn’t wait to share with you my latest 3 frames that I just LOVE the way they turned out!!!!

Have you ever found a website that you were immediately addicted to, obsessed with, really busy making all the projects?  (Or all the above?)  Well for me, the latest one is Shanty 2 Chic, or as I lovingly refer to them as S2C. Their ideas are so awesome, usually pretty cheap to make and pretty darn easy!

Y’all know the way I roll!  I will send you to the place I find the idea & instructions and just share my feedback and any tricks I learned.  Go here  for this photo & memo display.

Whoa!!!!!  It took me 5 minutes of fighting to insert that hyperlink…but I think I finally found a way around this issue I’ve been having.  I sure hope so!!!

My first suggestion (as S2C also recommends), get a Kreg Jig!  It can be a tad intimidating at first, but once you learn how to use it (I’m still learning but can do very basic stuff with it), you will LOVE it!  I promise!  Now S2C only said glue pieces together and clamp, but I didn’t want to wait long enough for the glue to set; so I used my KJ to connect with one screw in 2 of the boards.

The first time I went to apply the scrapbook paper to the project board, I applied the mod podge to the wood.  My paper buckled very bad!  It it better to apply it to the paper and then apply paper to the board.

I didn’t have ink pads to do the edging so I used some brown chalk wax (Yes!!!  No probs with the hyperlink!!!  Hallelujah!!!) to ‘ink my edges.

I did use the Heirloon White spray paint by Rustoleum. They use it A LOT on S2C, but I can see why.  I went to buy some more last night, but they don’t carry it at Lowe’s and I didn’t feel like going to Home Depot just to get that.  But I will tomorrow because I’m out.  So, so sad!

Here you have it!!!!  I LOVE them!  Did I mention that???

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Time Flies

I can’t even tell you where half of today has gone!?!?!?!  I remember beginning to think about having lunch at about 11:57 this morning and actually eating at 4:22 this afternoon.  No, I wasn’t abducted, but do you have those moments when you feel like you lost a big chunk of time?  I guess that’s what I get for jumping around between different projects today.


Here’s one that I completed today.  I made the flower.  Although I think I am going to try to put a middle layer on the flower somehow.  Just seems too much blank space?  I don’t know?  I am my worst critic.  I’m not a huge fan of purple, but I think it’s cute.  I have a very girly side to me, but it does not include pink or purple.  Not sure why I hate pink, but I burnt myself out on purple when I was about 9 or 10.

It was almost time for school to start and my cousin had sent me a letter telling me about her new purple school wardrobe.  I told my mom I wanted all purple clothes when we go school shopping, but she said no.  Ha!  I won, I guess you could say.  Or purple just happened to be the biggest craze for fashion that year.  I had everything purple, including my sneakers.  I swear to you, I did not were anything purple again until I was in my late 20’s.  And even since that point, purple clothes are few and far between.b36590ab422fffbf03cc9df66adcd0ed

Christmas 2011, Bug was 7, he wanted to buy this shirt for me for Christmas.  He said, “mom, I know you don’t like purple but this saying fits you perfectly.  Will you wear it?  For me! Please!”  I couldn’t say no to that and I wore it proudly for many years!  People would stop me so they could read it.  I would just smile because those are the reasons my Hubby is a rich man!

i wish I could hang out here and catch y’all up on so much, but the house won’t clean itself (trust me!  I have been waiting for it to happen!) and crafts won’t finish themselves.

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Not Colonel Sanders

Even though he was a charming & cheerful looking man and he brought us some good fried chicken, he’s not who I am referring to when I speak of sanders.  Did you know he lived to 90 years old?  What I am talking about is the tool.  We already have numerous sanders and they are all handy, but I found another one that would be quite useful in my arsenal.  It’s the ONE+ 18-Volt Corner Cat Finish Sander.  It has an orbital action that provides a smooth finish without producing unwanted marks on your material and the V tip helps get in the corners.


Actually, While I think of it, I need to check our Ryobi tool bag.  I wonder if one of these came with the set we bought many moons ago.  I’ll have to break that puppy out! If not, it’s going on my Christmas list.  I did a search on the Lowe’s site and they don’t carry it, but it is available at Home Depot.  We don’t shop there much; just our personal preference.  I would place a link, but for some reason, for the past few days the blog keeps freezing when I try to post a link.  It has taken 15 minutes or more to post some of the links, but I just don’t feel like dealing with the aggravation.

Speaking of Aggravation, it was one of my favorite games growing up.  The board we had looked like the one below and it is the 1972 design.  Which is really cool because that’s the year I was born.








Now of course I am thinking of my Momma. One, because I played the game a lot with her and this is often how our conversations went.  Starting to talk about one thing, then going on to another and another and another and another.  After an hour or so we would wonder how we got from subject A to subject Z.  Then we would back track all the subjects to figure out how we got there.  My parents are in Heaven, Dad since 2003 and Momma since 2009.  I miss them dearly! (tears welling up in my eyes)  But I am so grateful to know beyond a shadow of a doubt where they are!

But back to sanders…. there are reasons to have numerous types of sanders.  They have different purposes and different sizes.  And last night was a great example.  I was using 3 different grits while sanding some wood.  I was using a 60 or 80 grit sheet by hand to sand the cut edges that were very rough. Then I had a large sander with about a 150 grit and my smaller palm sander with 220 grit.

I am not a hard person to shop for (unless we are talking about pillows.  I have yet to find the perfect one and it’s probably the one thing I complain about the most!).  Crafts, tools, wood or spa certificates make me extremely happy!  First Born texted me the other day and said he found the perfect Christmas gift.  I asked if it was a craft store. Sadly he said no, LOL. But I told him I know he has good taste in gifts so I’m sure I’ll like whatever it is. He really has been blessed with good taste in gifts from an early age.

Now it will make it convenient for Hubby and the kids to pick my gifts by keeping my shopping list on here.




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Forced to Clean

I like having a clean house, but can’t particularly say I like to clean.  I guess I don’t mind cleaning except for 1) It takes time away from crafting! 2) Finding motivation is difficult when it comes to cleaning 3) I don’t like anyone here when I clean. When you home school & live out in the country…needless to say I don’t get much time without Bug home.  And when I do, I like to enjoy it by crafting without guilt or interruption.

But Hubby comes home in 5 days so it’s really time to get things in order for his arrival.  So I forced myself to clean today.  Although the main areas need some TLC, I started in the Bunk Room.  That is the old master bedroom with bathroom we will use for the boys when we start foster care again. It’s kind of become a storage room and when Mak (my great-niece) came to spend a week with Auntie, she and Bug played and slept in there since there is a bunk bed. And I have some craft projects in there too.  It was just getting out of hand!

I also took pictures of the boards I stained last night that I talked about in Exploring Stains (Ughhh, took a bit but got the link).  The boards are in reverse order as I had them listed in the post. Not the best picture of the white, it doesn’t look like white paint.  Do you see the Weathered Gray and Gunstock?  Think those are my favorites!



I took a picture of the hooks I straightened out.  The smaller ones come in a pack of 25 but the ornate ones came in a pack of 8.  I actually ruined one of those by unraveling the wrong end.  It was late last night & I was tired.

I’ve also been trying to make a DIY stain (inspired by S2C) , but I think it’s going to take some time.  User error probably; maybe added to much vinegar?  But you soak steel wool and vinegar.  She also adds instant coffee to hers.  I personally HATE coffee!  And hubby doesn’t do instant, so I’ll pick up a cheap jar of it.

This is after 3 days.  I did have the lid on until today.  It kept building up pressure (Chemistry lesson! Chemical reaction, LOL). So I took the lid off today to see if some O2 will help it progress faster.  I’ll keep you updated.

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Joe Meister

On March 26th, we added to our ranch!  And it was a huge blessing!!!  A friend sent me a text to tell share a post on Facebook she had come across of a guy giving away a free bottle calf.  Yes, free!  So I jumped onto Facebook and found the post.  There were already 4 or 5 people who had commented asking for it, but I put in my request anyways.  For the next 10 minutes I had this nagging feeling and was led to send him a PM.  I told him we home school and the reason behind that was so he knew we would be home to care for him.  And I shared that I felt it would be a great learning experience for my son.  I was shocked when he messaged back and said he was ours!

He was located 2 hours away which made the nice man a little hesitant.  He wasn’t sure if the calf would make it.  So what was Momma’s solution?  I asked him, “What if I have him in the truck with me?”  He must have thought I was crazy, but he said come get him.  The calf was 2 or 3 days old and the momma cow had died but he was unsure as to when and how long the calf had been on his own.

So I jumped in the truck and stopped at a feed store in Abilene to get milk replacement and a bottle and then headed to Snyder!  I tried to feed him before we loaded him up, but he wouldn’t have anything to do with it.  So Mr. B tied his legs up and we placed him on a comforter in the passenger seat.  Yes, I am that crazy…but it gets crazier!


A little down the road the softy in me decided the rope looked too tight and uncomfortable (it’s at this point when I tell this to anyone who knows anything about hauling livestock, especially IN a vehicle, starts to shake their head) and I pulled over and freed his legs.  I sure did!


How cute is he???  Needless to say about 2 minutes later I pulled over again and re-tied his legs.  It was not easy getting those hoof prints off the leather seats and headrest.  Go ahead!  Take a moment and just picture it.  I’ve always said I tend to learn my lessons the hard way.  I tend to not repeat them that way!

I know with struggling babies, touch is very important and helpful.  So I spent most of the 2 hours home petting and rubbing him.  As I thought of what to name him, the only name that kept coming to me was Joey.  So that became his name and Bug nicknamed him Joe-Meister. I know so many people say don’t name animals you plan to eat, but I can’t have an animal without a name.  It’s part of my ‘love them well while you raise them’ philosophy. That is his buddy!  It is so cute to see them play together!  They run and play in the water (puddles) together!


I don’t know if it is actually cheaper to raise a cow to eat, but at least we know what’s going into him!  We started out the first couple of days bottle feeding him and then my friend M asked if we would bring him over to put him on their nursing cow.  We were happy to as real milk is so much better for them.  It was real touch and go for the first few weeks,  Wasn’t sure if he would make it a few times.  He had severe scours but stayed on top of it with boluses and electrolytes.  When we knew he would be okay we brought Maybeline and Joey back to the ranch. He was able to nurse on her for a couple of months before she needed to go home and put him back on the bottle.

I’ll admit the first few months he was a little slow and special (as I like to call him).  He was so quiet…that is until Maybeline went home, then he got very vocal!  He is quite spunky with lots of character now.  It took forever to get him to eat feed.  Finally I decided he just needed to be weaned from the bottle.  After doing a bunch of research on different methods I decided to reduce the replacer by 10% each day until finally all he got was a bottle of straight water.

About 1/2 way through weaning he got scours again and the softy side of hubby came out and we kept him at a 50% ration for a couple of days.  I think the scours was due to the vaccination I gave him.  Once he wasn’t getting the bottle, he started eating feed and grazing.

He’s almost 5 months old and simply adorable!  He has lightened to a reddish-brown color and is getting a few white spots.  I will post updated pics soon.

Oh, I almost forgot to share how I told Hubby, as he was offshore, or maybe working in Houston when I got him.  Now mind you, I made a New Years resolution to not bring home any animals without Hubby’s knowledge and consent. However I proceeded without telling him because 1) I figured since I had already kin of broke that the week before (that’s for another post) and 2) It was a free cow!

So the next day I call Hubby and tell him we were blessed with some free Angus steak.  He was so excited and thankful. Then I said, “there’s not much right now, but he’s growing!”  I so crack myself up!  I heard a bit of an ughhhh and I could literally hear him shaking his head.  Maybe it was just in my head, but I heard it.  He wasn’t mad; I didn’t think he would be.

Oh I just figured out the next post about Joey…casteration.  lol



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I’m SAW Excited!

HAHAHA!  I crack myself up!  But I found a new saw that I told Hubby ‘we NEED!’  So glad he loves and wants it too!  He always brags to others that I LOVE power tools!  It’s one of the many things he loves about me. But thanks to the gals at S2C, I learned about this amazing 12 inch SLIDING miter saw by Ryobi.  They may have been out for a while, but the concept is new and exciting to me!


Isn’t she just beautiful!!!  See, I didn’t pay attention to how Hubby changed the saw blade on the table saw. And the blade on it is meant for thinner pieces of wood.  And our miter saw isn’t big enough to handle 2×10 or larger. And I have a few projects that I need to cut 2×10’s and 2×12’s.  Have I mentioned I am impatient and don’t like waiting.  Not to mention hubby is on a 4-week work schedule now AND working an extra week overtime.  So even though I have a lot of boards at home awaiting to be cut, I cheated a little and bought another board and just had them cut it Lowe’s.

Do you remember in one of my last post that I mentioned I was opinionated?  That just popped in my head because I started to recall some of the thoughts going through my head while the guy was cutting my wood.   Not bad things and the guy was super helpful and nice.  I appreciated his service.  My cuts didn’t need to be perfect, so I kept my mouth shut, but he marked all the cuts straight out.  I needed 14″ boards and there were 6 cuts.  When you need to be true to measurement, you need to measure out after each cut.  You lose wood from the kurf (what the blade cuts away).  And that measurement can vary between types of blades as well. even at 1/8th of an inch kurf, by the 6th cut, the board can be down to 13 1/4″ rather than 14″.

My other thought was ‘the cut won’t splinter as badly if you slow down the cut’.  Again I didn’t say anything because I have to get after myself about the same thing.  lol.  Between that and a sharp blade (which I’m sure he has no control over), you will get a much smoother cut.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this awesome tool that is on my Christmas list and share a couple of tips with you!

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Exploring Stains

You know those blogs you read that are reviewing a product because said product was given to them to review, even though all opinions are their own?  This is ,sadly, NOT one of them.  I am in no way affiliated or compensated by anyone.  I have purchased all products with my own money.  I would love to test products out though, so feel free to send the companies my way.  And no matter the circumstances, my opinions are always my own.  That’s just who I am…opinionated!I will start with a warning that there aren’t any pictures in this post, at least pertaining to the staining I am doing but hoping to add some tomorrow so you can actually see what I’m talking about.  It really is a post that deserves pictures.  I think that’s another blog rule, you must have pictures in each post. Honestly I don’t take a lot of pictures.  Especially when I’m crafting! I’m a ‘let’s get ‘er done’ kinda gal.


I am working on these picture displays I found at Shanty 2 Chic (shocker!).  I have seen them before on another site and they have been on the back burner in my brain.  I knew I could make the wire pieces with some wire.  Not knowing how pretty I could make them was a daunting thought, therefore I haven’t done them yet.  But the gals at S2C (my new knock name for them) had an amazing solution! Fancy ornament hooks and just straighten out the hook end.  Eureka!!!


Of course, looking at the picture now, they only placed 4 hooks on each.  I am working on 6 right now and put four on one and five on the rest.  It will be fine.

These are so easy to make! They are 12″ long 2×6’s. I sanded them after cutting, drilled holes in the top using the next to smallest drill bit.  I tested the wire after drilling my first hole & it fit beautifully.  Then I stained them.

I am a sample paint-a-holic!  For a while, I couldn’t go to Lowe’s without buying at least one, or come up with some crazy excuse why I was buying 6.  And we go to Lowe’s A LOT!  I also tend to buy the small cans of stain.  I can give you three reasons why: 1) Cost effectiveness.  When you are trying to build up a variety of colors and shades, you don’t want to break the bank. 2) Try it before you buy it. Okay, not exactly, because you’re still buying it, but it gives you the opportunity to try the brand/color before you invest greater money in a larger size.  I will touch on this more in a bit. 3) Space.  We have limited space in our garage and most areas in the house so it is much easier to store smaller cans without sacrificing variety.

I had planned on using 6 stains for the 6 displays, but I ended up only using 5.  The first 3 are by Rustoleum and included Antique White, Weathered Gray and Kone.  I just picked these up at Walmart today because I couldn’t find them at Lowe’s.  I also used some Minwax stains in Pickled Oak, Gunstock and Red Chestnut.  Let me start by saying I am no expert in stain!  When I was opening the first can I was thinking to myself am I suppose to stir or shake? I went with stir because I didn’t want to look for my glasses to be able to read the print (feeling bad for laughing at my parents for them needing me to read things for them) and Bug was soaking in the bath so he was unavailable.  Speaking of Bug, he just turned 12 last week!  He is in his last pre-teen (he HATES the term tween) year.

So as I share my experiences with these stains, please note it very well could be user error! We will start with Rustoleum.

  1.  Antique White – I really do think this was user error because when I went to put on the 3rd coat, I decided to shake the can rather than stir and there was much better color coverage.  I’m thinking I would tend to use this one more as a white-wash over a paint.
  2. Weathered Gray – Really pretty color.  Good coverage with one coat, however I wanted it a bit darker, so put a sec on coat.  I could picture getting this one in a quart size.
  3. Kona – Oh so beautiful.  Nice deep, rich color. See a quart in the future.

Let me interrupt and talk about gloves for a moment.  You definitely want to wear some.  I was using the T-shirt rub method to apply stain and gloves are a definite for that technique but you also need them when using a brush and wiping away.  I have a small box of poly gloves, but they’re so baggy.  But I didn’t feel like going down to the barn to get my latex gloves.  If you don’t want to invest in a whole box of vinyl gloves, most local feed stores sell the individually.  After I applied the Kona, I had to change my gloves because the next color was so much lighter than the dark Kona.  So if you are cheap conservative like me and are working with numerous stain colors, work lightest to darkest.

With the Minwax:

  1. Pickled Oak – I did not use.  When I began to apply it, I didn’t see any color and didn’t want to bother with it.  This is most likely user error (shake vs. stir), even though it is a very light shade anyways.  I’m not giving up on it yet.  I will give it another try and shake it first.
  2. Gunstock – Ooooh la la!  I liked it so much I used it on 2 boards.  Such a pretty color!  And it has gun is the name, lol.
  3. Red Chestnut – Another pretty color, didn’t wow me as much as Gunstock, but very pretty.

Both brands were very easy to work with and fumes were the same (please don’t tell Hubby I was doing it at the dining room table).  I would say the Rustoleum brand had a little better coverage.

That’s where I am at this point.  I have a bunch of ornament holders to straighten out.  And I’m also still trying to decided to print on solid card stock (unfortunately I don’t think I have any cream) or designer card stock.  I have time to think about it.

I will bid you ado this evening!


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I just wanted to share this thought with you… I think I’ll just be HAPPY today.  Yes, we can choose to be happy regardless of our circumstances or how we feel.  Yes, I know it’s not as easy as it sounds.  I didn’t say I was good at it….I just know we have the choice.

Do you like this picture?  Feel free to visit Shanty 2 Chic, they offer it as a free download!  They have some great free printables! I added so many to my computer in just a few days.  I even printed a couple out tonight to go one some picture blocks that I made….from the same website.  LOL


I will shoot for getting some pictures up of my finished blocks.  I just may have to put some shelves up to have a place to display them.  Even though our house here is a good 1000 sq feet larger than our last, I have about 75% LESS decorating space.

Another glimpse into my thoughts… ‘I want to build some kind of ladder shelf for my living room’ just popped into my head.  Seriously, with all I have going on…but I will find a way to get it done!

Just finished this post not 5 minutes ago, but I’m back to say I Love You.  Oh wait, I think that was Lionel Richie.  Anyhow…no sooner finished here and you won’t believe what website I went to looking for ladder ideas.  I’ll give you a hint…there’s a 2 in the name.  Great news, I found plans that I can modify for what I want. And when I say modify, I mean easier for me because I can skip a step or 2. Even better news?  It uses cedar pickets.  I have 6 or 7 new ones sitting in the garage (that may have been for a project I never completed.)

What I found was plans for a ladder planter. But if I forgo making the holes, I have a ladder shelf.  I’m thinking about staining and a light paint, then distressing.  That should take me no time to build!


Have a great day!  Be blessed AND be a blessing!

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Remember Me?

Howdy y’all!  I know, I have been absent for quite some time.  My sincere apologies.  If I could download blog post directly from my head…wow!  This would be a very busy blog!  And everything sounds so much better in my head!  Guess you will have to take my word for that, LOL.  Let me share a little insight into the thoughts that go through my mind…as I was ending my last sentence, I heard a little voice saying…’you shouldn’t write like that on a blog.’  Hence why I try to stay clear of the ‘do’s & don’ts of blogging’ articles.  I’ve said from the beginning, I am who I am and I write how I think.

I think my last post was back from February.  Yikes, I am going to have some catching up to do.  To give you an idea… free cow, turkeys, pigs, rabbits, horse stall (we have the rabbits in the horse stall right now so I tell everyone that makes them HOBBITS!  Ha!  I really do crack myself up!), kids moved, 2nd grand baby, new gun, crafts GALORE, homeschooling, son flew a plane, roof leaks (yes, plural), missing goose….those are some of the highlights I can think of.  That’s enough to keep me busy for a while.  Plus I recently got some AMAZING news, but I can’t share it will you.  Sorry, disclosures and all.  Just be happy with me, it’s worth it!

It is closing in on 2 a.m.  I have been having to set my alarm in the mornings so I don’t sleep till 10 due to staying up so late.  But there’s crafting to be done!!!  Bug says I’m addicted to crafting…and I can’t deny it.  Especially since hubby got me a Cricut for Mother’s Day and recently came across an AMAZING blog that has overloaded me with amazing things to make…. Chanty 2 Chic.  Let me begin to apologize for the cost of checking out at Lowe’s!  But these two sisters have very inexpensive things to make.  And I just now realized they host a TV show.  Ha!  No wonder they have such great tools and a wide variety of paints and stains!

Crafting is just one part to my insomnia.  Hubby has been gone 30 days.  He was actually suppose to come home this evening, but he is working a whole extra week.  It’s hard on us and I know it’s hard on him.  Yet he does it with a joyful heart for many reason.  1) He’s a godly man! 2) His opposite’s baby is having another surgery 3) It’s a blessing from God because it’s giving us the money needed to repair our other house so it will sell.  I also quit smoking (again) and I have so much more energy!

I quit for I actually don’t even know.  At least 5 or 6 weeks.  I was doing great and then relapsed for a week.  But I knew that wasn’t a road I wanted to stay on, so here I go again!

Did I mention I have a lot of crafts to do???  LOL  I don’t stay focused on one at a time.  I am usually working on 2 – 5 at a time.  At this time?  Washer necklaces (amazing how pretty they can be!  And I’m not even talking about 1 technique…working on 3 techniques at least).  frames & prints, paper crafts, lunch notes, DIY stain, vinyl projects and wooden memory games.  Part of it trying to build up an inventory for a fair and the other part…it’s how I am.

Now that it’s after 2 a.m., I need to head to bed.  Thanks for understanding!  Goodnight & sweet dreams!!!

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