G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision

Blessed Boy

on February 24, 2016

On most Wednesdays, we volunteer at a Soup Kitchen in town.  It’s a blessing we truly enjoy.  We headed home after cleaning up and decided to stop at the Farm & Ranch Expo on our way.  I enjoy learning new things and finding great equipment; Bug enjoys loading up on free hats, calendars, fly swatters, key chains, pens and candy.

Many of the vendors have their own giveaways for sprayers, coolers or cash, but the Chamber of Commerce also has the major event giveaways.  You get the entry and have to get it stamped by numerous vendors before turning it in.  Bug ran around to the vendors to get it stamped (and hats, calendars, fly swatters, key chains, pens and candy) then returned it to me to fill out my information.

He was so excited to turn it in and there’s the mommy part of me that wants to protect him from getting his hopes up to high by saying “Now you realize there’s only like a 1 in 3,000 odds chance we would win this.”  Didn’t phase him one bit.  I didn’t even know exactly what the prize was or where to turn in the entry.  No fear there because Bug always figures these things out!

He was so desperate to wait tip the end of the expo for them to draw the winner.  Momma was tired and ready to head home, while reassuring him that if by some chance we won, they would call us.

As we approached the ranch, he said it was perfect weather to go bike riding.  Told him that was fine as long as he was back in time to feed the animals before we left for church.  While he was gone, the phone rang.  The rep from the Chamber of Commerce told me that I had won the grand prize.  There is just an excitement that comes with winning something, even if I still didn’t know what the prize was.  That excitement exploded when she said it was a Glock 17 pistol!  No wayyyyy!!!!!!


I was so anxious for Bug to return to share the news and couldn’t even reach Hubby on the phone.  Bug was ECSTATIC to say the least when he heard the news.  So we will go tomorrow to do my background check and start the transfer.

Thank You Father for the blessing!!!  And to my sweet boy who wouldn’t let my pessimism stop him!


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