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Found The Secret!

on February 9, 2016

I actually am working on another post, but life on the ranch had me saving it as a draft to finish at a later date.  But I thought I would share a quickie on homeschooling.  Bug is a 6th grader now and we started homeschooling 3 months into his 4th grade year.  There was a surge of parents pulling their kids from public school due primarily to the Magnolia state adopting the Common Core standards (which I affectionately refer to as #CommonCoreCrap).  Bug was in the gifted program and I remember the woman I turned the paperwork into saying he had the best grades on any that were being withdrawn. (I guess I’m bragging on him :-).

Homeschooling isn’t always easy. Even though this has been the best year so far for us, the last 2 1/2 months have felt like we have been trying to run through knee deep mud! We have fallen behind.  I don’t worry too much about it because we can quickly get caught up.

Bug helped me out on the ranch today, as well as art class with M.  So I didn’t stress to hard about school.  We spent time this evening reviewing some math that I wanted to be sure that he truly understood.  We use CTC math online and I LOVE it! (This is not an affiliate link).  

Since it was evening, it was also ice cream time.

We SURVIVED the Blue Bell Famine!!!!!!




I found the secret to happy school time.  Like, the BEST incentive for correct answers, EVER!!!  Every time he got an answer right, he got a bite of ice cream.  He was so happy and eager to go onto the next question.  He was so happy, or perhaps on a sugar rush, that when we finished his assignment, he wanted to go onto Pre-Calculus.  This was even after the ice cream had been put back in the freezer, lol.


Yes, he still wears much of what he eats.



So exponent rules aren’t terribly difficult, but it was an absolute moral booster for him that he scored a 100% in Pre-Calculus!!!!!

And he made 100% on his first assignment!!!  I love my nerd!  I was blessed with 2 amazing nerds!!!  I remember when First Born was in high school.  One of his years in math, his regular teacher was out for an extended period of time and the substitutes often had First Born teaching the class. And whatever you do, do not get First Born talking about science or coffee!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  But if you do, be ready to learn a lot!

Not that homeschooling him was ever an option, I try not to regret he didn’t have that option. I never thought homeschooling Bug would be option either, but God gave me the heart and ability to do it.  Is homeschooling for everyone?  No, probably not, but I do feel more people discredit themselves from being able to than should.

I will leave you here, for now.  And I will do my best to finish the other post up soon.


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