G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision

It’s a Hold-Up

on January 16, 2016

No, not really. But after talking to a woman who is very dear to me tonight, I realized I forgot to tell you I came up with names for our goose & gander. Bonnie & Clyde.


Bonnie & Clyde

My cousin, Stinkie, had suggested Clyde for the gander and thought it was cute since we technically live in Clyde.  And what goes better with Clyde than Bonnie?
But now I know you’re wondering ‘how on earth did her poor cousin get the name Stinkie? I promise it had more to do with First Born’s butt than it did my cousin.

Stinkie spent a lot of time with us and when she would change his diaper she would always say stinky! she was in college and for about a month before finals we didn’t see her. One day while we were playing on the playground, she walked up from the parking lot and as soon as First Born saw her, he screamed “Stinky”!
From that day forward she was affectionately called Stinkie. We even made her a necklace with that and she wore it with pride!


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