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R.I.P Dear Friend

on January 11, 2016

For the past 4 days I had been planning on posting about my GGBFF’s visit here shortly after we moved in.  Had been working on my thoughts and going through pictures to post.  Oh, what does GGBFF stand for?  God Given Best Friend Forever!  She and her husband are on my mind so much for numerous reasons.  One, because we love and miss them.  They are family to us.  Two, because Glenn had been fighting blood cancer for the past year and a half.  The first time he went to the hospital was while my GGBFF was here.  You have to understand, she is one of the most devoted wives (actually, plain devoted person) I know! It was so difficult for her to not be there with him.

Yes, I used past tense because he passed away 2 days ago.  Nope, not going to be able to write this post without waterworks.  So grateful we were able to go see them in November, even if it was only for 2 days.  Although we can’t go right now for the funeral, it meant more to see him while he was still with us.  Now, he’s with Father God and looking upon the face of our sweet Jesus!  That is amazing!  No more pain…no suffering…no sadness!  I truly look forward to my time.


R.I.P. our dear Glenn!

I love this picture of Glenn!  He was a handful at times, but he was a good man.  I was thinking this morning that I wouldn’t have met Deb if it wasn’t for Glenn, and I wouldn’t have known Glenn if it wasn’t for Deb.  Crazy little paradox there.  Deb and I met through the VWF Ladies Auxiliary; both Glenn and my husband are Veterans.  It was one of those relationships that just clicked.

I could say things to Glenn that Deb couldn’t and Deb has such a knack of suggesting decorating ideas to my hubby that he goes for.  We are family in the heart and family in the Kingdom.  Glenn was not saved in the beginning, so I will never forget when Deb called to say Glenn gave his life to the Lord!  I was in the kitchen and I darted jumping up & down, hooting and hollering to praise the Good Lord!!!  We also had the privilege and honor of watching him get baptized.

It is that precious memory that gives me comfort right now.  I KNOW where he is.  Without knowing…well, I would hate to know how bad my heart would hurt.  We face eternity, the choice is ours where we chose to be throughout eternity.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.   John 3:16

Numerous times over the years, Glenn never hesitated to let us borrow his truck.  There was just something about that old truck that I loved.  So much, that last year I had an opportunity to buy one close to the same as his.  And I did!  Ecstatically!  Sitting here smiling as I think about us trying to move a 15′ trampoline from our house to theirs, without breaking it down.  It was pouring down rain and his grandsons getting soaked while trying to keep it on the truck.  That just stressed poor Glenn out.

When we visited them shortly ago, Deb told us he told her he wanted to take her fishing one last time.  Hubby and I did our best to make that happen.  Friends of ours gave us a big watering bucket, Hubby & Bug made fishing poles from branches and we bought a bunch of minnows.  We also gave him a super big hook for when he could take her to get the ‘big one’.  Unfortunately he was so ill that day he couldn’t get out of bed.  But it still gave them a memory to cherish!


Get the fish close to the camera!  It helps it look bigger!

We love you Glenn!  You will be missed so much!  How we couldn’t wait for you to come out to the ranch with Deb.  To enjoy the reduction in humidity, sunsets and peacefulness.  But now you enjoy so much more.  And you know there are plenty of people her to care for Deb until you are together again.

R.I.P. our sweet friend!  Forever in our hearts and memories!!



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