G.F. Ranch

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on January 8, 2016

Not that it will happen anytime soon, but am wanting to repaint inside the house.  Hubby made us a mantel!  Yes, there’s an exclamation point because I am so excited!  We have had a fireplace in both of our house over the past decade, but never a mantel.  And the fact Hubby made it…how awesome is that?  He found some wood in the utility barn and it was perfect.  He is such a talented man!  He will finish it his next time home by adding some supports.


Beautiful mantle created by my amazing Hubby!  Temporary supports until he gets home again.  We have a mantle!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously want to paint the fireplace! The brick colors are just to dark for me.  So I am trying to plan a color pallet to redo it all when I get to it.  My best friend was always the one to pick my color pallets for me back in Mississippi.  I get too stressed on my own and she just has a gift for color schemes.

So I did a search for farm house color schemes.  Although we have been named a ranch, I prefer the softer colors of a farm house.  I really like this color scheme…


Soft, yet warm tones that coordinate so well together.  When we moved in here I pretty much relied on some of the same colors I loved from our old house.  However, some of the tones are warm as others are cool.  They don’t clash horribly, but they don’t flow.  Know what I mean?  I want a flow!

I don’t like this color scheme…too bright.  I just laughed when I saw the open shelves.  We live on a dirt County Road.  That just wouldn’t work here.  Sure would love that stove though!


This is pretty, but not us.  I do prefer more color.  Hubby would instantly veto the chandelier; not that I would want it.  But do you see that table?  Simple and beautiful!

Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s the color scheme I like so much or all the old mason jars.  Pretty sure it’s the mason jars! Definitely the jars! Again, a bit too bright on the colors.


Not that this is a color scheme, but how beautiful is this for a chalkboard???  I could make this!2-rustic-cabinet-handles

And how cool is this for the kitchen handles.  Can’t even think right now what our pulls and handles look like, but these are so pretty.  Can’t help but wonder how well they would stand up over time.  If there is a way to seal them, yet keeping a natural look?

And what a pretty way to display photos?  I have lots of photos up and want to find a way to coordinate the frames better.  You know, so they flow.

Love this!!!! And I actually have an area this might work.  I see so many beautiful ideas that just won’t work here.  Even though this house is considerably larger than our last, we just don’t have nearly the decorating space as we did in the the old house.  And I just noticed the shutters.  Love them…and just might be able to make that work!

So it seems as my color scheme post has turned into a decorating post as well.  And I guess it’s fair to say this post is more for me than it is for you.


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