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Corn Chowder with Chilies

on January 8, 2016

Bug and I finished lunch shortly ago and all we can say is “YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!”.  Going through our recipes from The Pioneer Woman, I decided to make the Corn Chowder with Chilies before the corn-on-the-cob went bad.  Super easy recipe, especially since we had to skip the bacon step again.  Ohhhh, just stopped for a minute to imagine how much better it will be when we can add bacon.

My cobs were a bit on the small side and decided to add a drained can of kernel corn to it.  There is definitely a different taste between fresh and canned.  But I was shopping for them at about 10 p.m. while exhausted.  Didn’t think to get more fresh ears.


The only other difference was I left out the can of diced green chilies.  After the 7 Can Soup fiasco, I wanted to play on the safe side.  The chipotle peppers did a fine job adding a little kick (but not too much), and I love the smokey flavor of them in the adobo sauce.

Bug really liked this one!  And I believe hubby will too, so this is definitely going into my recipe binder!


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