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SanDestin 2014

on January 8, 2016

Got looking through pictures tonight and found a bunch from our trip to SanDestin, Florida, summer 2014.Hubby’s company does a crew session each year and allow the workers to bring their families.  For us it’s a vacation…not so much for them.  LOL.  But they put us up in nice resorts, the food is always good and they usually set up an outing that the families can also participate in.

We did SanDestin in 2013 as well.  Everyone loved it so much they chose the location again for the next summer.  Bug was at church camp the first year so I was kind of bored.  We had so much fun this summer though.


While Hubby was in his boring informative classes, Bug and I hit the beach.  I’m not a big beach person, but have you ever seen the Destin area???? The emerald green water and white sand is breathtaking!

Hubby would relax after classes were over.  Can I tell you how much I LOVE this man!!!  He is nice eye-candy and funny too!  I love this mans’ smiles!!!!

Of course Hubby & Bug enjoyed some pool time too!  I actually got a lot of great pictures that night of them, but I don’t want to overload you with pictures.  And it was so pretty how the lights reflected off the water as the sun sat.

The year before Hubby & I chose to do the deepwater fishing charter but never got to leave the bay as there was bad weather.  Neither of us really minded as it was just so relaxing to be on the water.  Thankfully 2014 was much better water and we got to do some fishing.

The Captain and Mate were great!  They even let Bug go up and drive the boat.


He is such a serious driver, whether it’s a boat or vehicle.  Of course this picture was after the first 10 minutes of him just grinning ear to ear.  Guess what all this excitement did for Bug….


Yep, wore him out!!!!!

Destin is just a beautiful area!  I’m not a fan of Florida, but I don’t mind coming here.

The summer before I got bored and a little stir-crazy.  So Hubby took me out and we went to The Track.  We had so much fun!  They have numerous go-kart tracks including The Woody, a three story wooden track.  So naturally we had to bring Bug there too!

Honestly, I hate my picture taken!  For years I would get violently angry if my picture was taken.  Then I thought about it…when I’m gone, I want my children and family to have pictures to look back on.  Even before I’m gone.  These are our memories.  So now I just dislike it, but I do it.

And that night there was a beautiful thunder storm that hit just as we got back to the resort.  We watched from our balcony to begin, then went down to the patio to watch as it moved offshore. Wish I had pictures from that.  It was amazing.

Thank you Lord for wonderful memories!!




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