G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision

So much!!

on January 5, 2016

So much to update on.  Really wish I was better at taking pictures of stuff, especially the before pictures.  That would be especially useful with the barn.  There was so much trash in there, at least 6 inches deep if not more.  It took a little while to clean it out, but we now have an open stall (so the horses can come & go as they please), a tack room and the start of another horse stall.

I have to take a moment to share one of the 98,679,528 things (that I have thought of so far) that I love and admire about my hubby!  He just has a knack for thinking of an idea or looking at something and being able to build it.  That is God given talent and I’m grateful it’s in my hubby!

Hmmmm, now that I think about it, am sure I must have some pictures to post of the barn. We just have so much to share.  We need to introduce ourselves to you as well as our four dogs, two horses, two geese and numerous chickens.  Oh, and so many sunsets to share!

I have been fighting with the internet and computer for the past hour.  Even though I should have just headed to bed, my brain doesn’t work that way.



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