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Meet Gypsy & Lilly

on January 5, 2016

A bit over a year ago, Bug and I were on our way to a living history exhibit a short ways away when my realtor called.  She said she had a friend looking to rehome their horse and she thought of us.  Hubby was offshore so I felt it necessary to make a rash judgement call.  I knew we were looking to get horses, so why not???  Let me go on record now as saying there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE HORSE!!!!!!!

Later that evening on our way home, Hubby calls.  So I pull over and we chat.  After a few minutes I quickly blurt out “we have a horse”!  He says “what?”.  So I repeat, “can we have a horse?”.  He says,”oh, I thought you said we have a horse”.  And I am sure he could hear my sweet & innocent smile on my face when I said “I did”.

Do you see what my Hubby puts up with.  (No, that was not the first and far from the last incident like that).  Thank God he is a very patient and forgiving man!  And thankfully he was looking forward to getting a horse too.  But in his mind, the horse would come after the barn was finished.  and no work had even been started in the barn at this part.


We were aware she only had one eye, but to make a long story short, she needed surgery to properly fix the missing eye which was far from cheap.  Again, no such thing as a free horse.But she was such a sweet Appaloosa girl and was happy to get her feeling better.

Gypsy is a smaller horse, where as Hubby is a bigger man standing at 6’4″.  So I was keeping an eye out for a horse for him.  This time I contacted him prior to saying yes to Lilly.  Lilly is a beautiful Paint.  In the summer her hair lightens in a way that she almost appears  brindle. Just gorgeous!!!




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