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Make-it Monday: Altering Old Boxy Flannels – Getting the Perfect Fit from a Button Shirt

on January 5, 2016

Need to make myself an inspirational category for things I haven’t done yet, but want to.  I love how easy this seems to be over at Pickin’ Petals Farm & Mud Room.

Hi Lovelies,

Well with the low tonight finally dipping into the teens, I guess I can admit that winter is here. While I was out at the store this week, I noticed some nice and warm men’s flannel shirts on clearance – how was I supposed to resist this? This isn’t my first adventure into men’s fashion. Before you judge me, you need to hear the whole story. You see, in the past, I’ve been lovingly described by friends as “a female paul bunyon”, “a future pro wrestler” and of course – the classic, “lumberjack.” While I don’t take offense anymore and have, through the years learned to love myself – one thing is true: I’m not a petite person. Being really tall (and I think just a woman in general) some articles of clothing are just hard to find. The first thing that always comes to mind are button-up…

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