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Goo Gone

on January 5, 2016

When I find something I like on a blog, I tend to check out the rest of their blog for more great ideas.  Often I either find nothing else or maybe one or two more things.  Occasionally I hit pay dirt!  Am sure you already expecting this recipe for Homemade Goo Gone to come from POPSUGAR Smart Living.  And you will not be disappointed.  Both, because you are correct and also because this is a great recipe.


I questioned how well a 2-ingredient Goo Gone would work and I was pleasantly surprised!  Various glues are used on different items and differ in ease of removal.  There are occasions I have had to repeat two or three times.  But to not deal with the horrendous smell of Boo-Be-Gone, I do not mind one bit.

I also found that by spreading a thin layer over the glue area first,  then adding on a bit thicker of a layer and leave to set or dry, makes the job even easier!  I now make this recipe in double or triple batches as I love to save bottles, jars and even some plastic containers.


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