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Laundry Booster Recipe Review

on January 3, 2016

Over a year ago now, I made my own homemade laundry detergent for the very first time.  Pretty sure I have at least another 3 months to go before I need to make any more.  Yep, loving’ it!  And it cost me under $25.  I even gave a quart mason jar to my daughter-in-love and that lasted her a long time.

I have had no problems with it.  I will mention that we do have a top-load, HE washer.  I add the detergent into the soap dispenser and no problems…no back up or build up.  My DIL has an older washer with no dispenser.  And she did have issues of the soap not fully rinsing off black clothes.  So she just added water to hers to make it a liquid and then she said it worked great.

But that really isn’t what this post is about.  Here in central Texas we have red clay….LOTS of red clay!  And I highly doubt any detergent is going to hold up to red clay.  So I found a recipe on POPSUGAR Smart Living to Brighten Clothes With This Awesome Dry Laundry Booster. My brain said what it often says….that’s worth trying.  I will say I like it.  Not that I would call it ‘all-natural’ as it uses washing soda, but I would say it is economical.


My biggest complaint is it dried hard as a rock in my jar.  I actually just made another batch before writing this blog post and I spread it on a cookie sheet to dry out first.  Then I will put it in the processor to break it up and then put it in the jar.  Thinking this will be easier than spending another 15-20 minutes with a mallet and sharp instruments to break up the rock to put in the processor.

My only other small complaint is the smell.  Not that it alters the smell of the clothing, but when I open the jar it can take my breath away.  I will also note that I used beautician strength peroxide we had left over from a science experiment.

So for $3.97 for the washing soda and $0.97 for peroxide,  I estimate it cost approximately 20 cents per load. Let me know what you think 🙂

UPDATE:  as soon as I finished this post, I went and checked on the booster.  It had already dried and since I laid it on the cookie sheet, it was thin and easy to break up to put in the processor.  Much easier to work with a powder than a rock.



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