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Meal Planning Made Easy

on August 26, 2014

Last week I shared with you my favorite homeschooling app.  This week I want to share a meal-planning program that I LOVE!  I was able to sign up for a 30-day FREE trial before we made our move.  I found the program so easy to use, add recipes from online, and with the drag&drop, meal planning was a breeze.  Being able to edit as needed and print out my shopping list was just that easy.  The program I’m talking about is Plan to Eat.

The grocery list is especially important to me now as there is NO such thing as a quick trip to the store when the closest store is 30 minutes from the house.  

On many websites the recipe is saved in my recipes with a quick click of the mouse.  But if for some reason it doesn’t auto-load, it still takes under a minute to copy and paste. 

So if you’re like me…

  • Desperate to become organized and efficient
  • Need things planned out
  • Easily forgets to write than one ingredient on the shopping list
  • Lives far from the store

…then this is a must try for you!  What do you have to lose? Try it for a month.  If you don’t like it, you have lost nothing.  You may have even gained a new recipe or two to try.  But if you love it, as I do, then a years subscription is very affordable.  I paid $39 for a full year of making my life easier.  Occasionally you can catch it on sale for 20% off, bringing it to $31.  Or you can pay just $4.95 a month.  

Some of the features….

  • Drag & Drop Meal Planning – The menu planner is at the heart of Plan to Eat. Easily drag recipes from your recipe book to create your personalized meal plan, and then add additional ingredients, events and notes. Save existing meal plans from your planner as menus, then drag them back to your menu planner to simplify future planning. View nutritional totals, change servings for individually planned recipes, easily view and print menu plans and export your planner‘s iCal feed to other calendar software.

  • All Your Recipes — Plan, Cook, ShareKeep all of your recipes in one place with your Plan to Eat Recipe Book. Plan, cook and share your recipes anywhere on any device. Import recipes from any website using our super simple import bookmark. Quickly search and filter your recipes by multiple criteria like ingredients in your pantry, tags or how often you’ve planned them.
  • Mobile Grocery Store Assistant – Simplify your grocery shopping with the Plan to Eat mobile site. Use it to access your shopping list from your smartphone and check off items as you go. No more pen and paper needed! Search and plan recipes, view your menu planner and add new items to your shopping list on the go.

I just learned about that last feature myself.  Loving this program that much more now!  Try it out and let me know what you think.


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