G.F. Ranch

The beginning of His vision

On The Ranch

on August 18, 2014

Well y’all, we now live on our ranch! Thank you Jesus! We have a lot of work to do, but that’s okay. We are not afraid of work…well, on most days at least. LOL. I will have pictures coming at some point. Just haven’t gotten around to breaking out the camera yet. I can tell you we have some beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Evenings and mornings have been very comfortable. Although it gets hot during the day, I don’t mind. Back in South Mississippi, the humidity was so high that it would make 89 degrees feel like 102 degrees. Here it is just straight up 102. Without the muggy feeling…much drier.

One of my first big projects was getting the classroom ready. The pink wall is now green and dear hubbie replaced the pink ceiling fan with a white one.Thank you my Love!!!! It is exciting to have our own room for learning, but we don’t have to be restricted to just there. It’s more to have a place for all our school stuff. One more week and we will start up on school.

My Bug & I have been working on cleaning up the dog kennel area to convert it over to the temporary chicken area. He is so excited to paint the dog house we are converting to a temporary coop. However, we finally got some rain today (Praise God! We are in a drought here.) so he now needs to wait a few days to let it dry out real well.

He did help me paint a section of the living room yesterday though. He was so funny! As soon as I said I was painting, he ran and got his brush we bought him to paint the coop. He has been so eager to help me paint, mow and bake. He even cooked dinner for us last night while I was painting. He recently turned 10 and I have been trying to teach him new things as well as let him earn more responsibilities. I love to see that look of accomplishment on his face when he learns something new.

Well, I need to go unpack a couple more boxes. Talk with you soon! Be blessed and be a blessing!


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