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The beginning of His vision


Welcome to my blog! There are so many blogs online, so I feel honored you decided to stop by.  I thought I would start by telling you a little bit about me and why I decided to start this blog.

My name is Tami, happily married to the most amazing man, blessed mom of two sons.  I homeschool one who turns 10 this year and just watched my 21 year old get married recently.  My husband, youngest & I are getting ready to move back to Texas soon and it is very exciting!  Power tools are some of my toys to play with!  And I am ready to become a country gal!

Before I begin explaining the move and reason for the blog, let me share that I love The Lord with all my heart and have a personal relationship with Him.  I try my best to not be ‘religious’, but I am proud to be a Christian!  I do not hide it, nor do I try to flaunt it.  However, He is so much a part of my life that I am sure it will show in my blog posts.  I do not apologize for it.  If this may be offensive to you, I won’t take it personally if you choose to find another blog to read.  If you’re okay with it, great!  And I will not judge you.

Between 4-5 years ago, The Lord gave us a vision & a word.  In efforts to prevent this first entry taking you 30 minutes to read, I will go into further detail on that in another post.  Well, it is coming to fruition and it is going to be a whole new life for us.  The blog will help serve as a diary for our experiences and share information.

Other things that you may find on this blog are testimonies, recipes, life hacks, diy, reviews, great resources I find, things I like or don’t like.  Information about foster care, kids, homeschooling, marriage, The Lord, cleaning, farming & ranching.  Sometimes, I am all over the place.  Bare with me 🙂

I invite you to leave comments, just ask that you keep them polite, clean, and spam-free.

Be blessed & Be a blessing!

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