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The beginning of His vision


This is what many mornings look like here….

We recently changed his days off to feed and he forgot this was his day off. He often brings Ruby up to the house. She sits on his lap while he does school, reads or watches a movie.  The first rabbits we got have never been very friendly. But this last batch we got are very friendly and entertaining. We kept two out of the batch to keep as breeders and the rest will feed our family. 

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Whole Pig Share Special

We are running a special for the first 5 people to sign up for the whole pig shares.  It will be at a special price of $4.75 lb (hanging weight).  That is 50 cents off per pound of the normal price.  One has sold, so that leaves 4 spaces left.

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Pig Share 2017


So, what do you think?  We are so excited about this venture as we love raising our pigs!

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Growing the Ranch


The ranch is growing…literally!  We had a litter of 11 piglets born 13 days ago. We have been enjoying the parents (Boss & Lulu) so much, but having piglets is just amazing!  She had already birthed 3 piglets by the time we got to the barn, but Bug and I were present for the next 9 to be born.  One, sadly, was stillborn.

Red Wattles are an heirloom pig and have the sweetest dispositions.  To learn more about our pigs, read this page. We have numerous friends who had shown interest in wanting to buy a pig and have us raise it due to not being able to have one at their location or just don’t want to.  After some consideration, a lot of research and even more prayer, we have decided to offer pig shares.  Be sure to check out our Pig Share page for more information.

And to celebrate this new endeavor, we are offering a special price to the first FIVE people who sign up for the whole pig share of $4.75 lb. (hanging weight).  Your pig will be raised well taken care of and well loved!  (because loved pigs just taste better!).

Feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of the Pig share page with any questions or to sign up!


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Farm Funny Friday


Farm fresh always taste best!

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Farm Funny Friday


Hope everyone ate well yesterday!  Was your turkey well relaxed?


Farm Funny Friday


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Farm Sadness



We have heavy hearts today as we found one of our dogs dead today.  Faith, our youngest who just turned one not too long ago.  She was one of our two barn dogs. I couldn’t tell what caused it, which saddened me.  But it did give my son and & I an opportunity to talk about grief.  Bug was only 5 when my Momma passed away.  He loved his Grammie very much, but some children don’t cry a lot at loss at very young ages.  Not like we tend to do as adults and I believe it has to do with their innocence. .
But he reacts different now that he’s older. I remember the first roosters we butchered. He cried and honestly, I did to a bit on the first one. Taking a life, even of an animal for food, should not be easy.  He bagan to cry on the second rooster but I told him to stop.  You probably just had one of two thoughts…1) I’m insensitive or 2) you understood why I made him stop. No, we don’t believe it’s wrong for boys to cry. But we can’t let our emotions rule us.  I explained to him it is sad, and we should never become numb to feeling something even when butchering animals.  But there is a purpose to it and we have a job to do.



Farm Funny Friday



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Farm Funny Friday


Don’t you just melt with all that cuteness?!?!

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